About us

BRINAZ Fashion and Castle Cosmetics were both created with a deeper purpose. 
After finding my purpose and knowing that I am a gift to the world

I chose to act as a gift
Bringing only love in my heart I created a brand that would bring more diversity in beauty and fashion and take up space near our ally brands and our supporters to create an inclusive space

A space that was designed to fit the needs of different types of beauty

Not a one size fits all "beauty " line

but a space that caters to all skin tones and displays all types of beauty. 💋

Castle Cosmetics by BRINAZ  aims to Lead the conversation about beauty  and diversity in beauty, providing solutions with fresh innovative beauty products that are both fun and functional !

We are raising awareness for social issues, discrimination and taking action to not just  speak out but to be the change that we want to see in our world 🌍

Contact us at brinazfashion@gmail.com to get updates on the 100 Black Billboards Campaign  that will provide more diversity in our society and end "Darkskin invisibility "🖤